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Do you feel like your life has never been busier? Does celebrity gossip, clickbait, and tabloid news annoy you? Do you worry (rightly so) that social media only shows a limited view of the news? If you do, give yourself a hug because we're here to help.Welcome to inkl - the world's best aggregated news service. We help you save time and stay informed by bringing you essential coverage from the world's best sources.
How? Well, first we partner selectively with the most trusted news publishers in the world and gather high-quality news stories. Then we pick the stories that the world's most experienced editors have deemed important. And finally, we work out what's most likely to be relevant for you based on where you live. In other words, we don’t just pick random stories because WE think you might be interested in them. Or because they're 'trending'.
So with inkl you get a more reliable, broader view of the day's most important developments. You also get to save time by not having to wade through clickbait, celebrity gossip, and cat videos in your search for the news.
So here's what your news diet might look like right now:
You've likely got some unused news apps littering your phone. Unread newsletters clogging your inbox. Social media feeds bombarding you with 'trending' news amidst a torrent of (often inane) status updates. And maybe you've even got some sweaty people shouting ill-informed opinions at each other on the TV.
Not. Good. With life being as busy as it is you just need a simple and efficient way of finding out about stuff that matters. Someone needed to do something about this. So we did.
And then, once we had the main idea for inkl sorted, we made a list of all the nice things we found or wished other news apps would do - and we added them in too. (Picture a kid in a candy store with a no-limit credit card.)
NO ADSNo one likes ads. No one. So we tossed them out.
PLENTY OF PRIVACY No one else needs to know what you read. What happens in inkl stays in inkl.
NO PAYWALLSWe talked to the publishers. And we got the paywalls sorted for you.
TOPIC SEARCHESYou needed more Elon Musk stories. So did we.
STELLAR SERVICEWe treat you the way we like to be treated. It’s nice.
ZERO LOADING TIMEWaiting for web pages to load is so 2013. 2012, even.
DIVE DEEPERMultiple perspectives on events. Because Brexit. And Trump.
READ OFFLINESo you can follow the news from space. Or from your lead-lined toilet.
Now, some of these features (like the ad-free experience for example) are only included in our Premium paid service. Wait, what? A paid news service? We know it sounds crazy at first, but it's not. We created the paid service so that publishers can be remunerated for creating amazing content. Ad revenue for publishers has been plummeting so we all need to step up if we want the fourth estate to stick around. And at just 10 cents per article read you have to admit it's a pretty good bargain.
Anyway, if you’re still reading this you’re definitely our kind of person. So click on the Download button now and fire up your brand spanking new inkl app.
Lots of love,inkl